know your nonconscious!

zahmeuguaceuticals has designed new rorschach cards to elucidate all the disappointment, sadness, malaise, bitterness, despair,  frustration, disenfranchisement, resentment, and pure, unbridled, furious anger that is crammed inside your tenuous and fragile  soul.  This technology has been empirically detested and satisfied  validity and reliability criteria as low as those dictated by the likes of such  institutions as the NIMH, APA, FDA,   and the USA.*   and if you order today you may feel better than if you don’t.**


card 2 has been rotated, though not orthogonally or varimaximally. its oppositistic qualities tend to elicit material that would normally take years of analysis to reveal.  also it gives women boners and men titties.


card 3 is not that rorschachy,  but it’s  still pretty weird man.  twelve thousand participants went blind immediately upon seeing the image.  of those who didn’t, 50%  were able to perceive the circumstances surrounding their  inevitable demise, while 23% thought they saw a 3D image of a pirate ship.   what might you see?


zahmeuguaceuticals’ inestimable R & D division has been working on this project around the clock for six hours while they were supposed to be cleaning their apartment because their mom is coming over.  we are proud to present these cards for your payment.  supplies are limited.  order your own  relatively soon!

*=officially no, practically yes.

**=hypothetically yes, realistically no.



  1. That last one is crazy!

  2. i’m shocked by the first one. very milgram-esque…

  3. Upon seeing these cards, I felt my soul warble. Now I know who my real parents are. But I still have a headache.

  4. I’m just seeing penises and vaginas. Am I doing it wrong?

  5. all heil Zameugua, hasta mein agua!

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